12 Magical Laws Of The Universe

These Sacred Laws Are Proven by Science…
Use Them To Acquire Health, Happiness & Financial Freedom Today
Welcome to the Beginning of Something Incredible.

This book contains 12 Laws that have been proven by researchers and scientists in many different fields.

Together, they create a roadmap to success.
As you’ll read in the following pages, these laws aren’t difficult to understand, nor are they built on any strange ideas. In fact, they are self-evident, and you can see them in action in your everyday life.

The Law of Attraction Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle.

While everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction, and most people agree with its power, the fact is that this law is just one piece of the puzzle.

The Law of Attraction is simply not enough information to change someone’s entire life.

To understand why, you only need to examine the first law in this book: The Law of Subconscious Domination.
It states that the subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our brain activity.

Therefore, if the subconscious mind isn’t participating in The Law of Attraction, then no amount of conscious effort will override that roadblock.

These 12 Laws Work Together in Harmony to Change Your Life.

You may not be aware of these 12 laws, but they are affecting your life right now.

They determine the outcome of every single day.

However, by learning about them in this book, you can take control of your life and put these 12 laws to work for you.

Let’s get started.

1: The Law of Subconscious Domination

Scientific research shows that the subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious brain.

95% of our total brain’s processes are controlled subconsciously.

That leaves just 5% for the conscious decisions you make:

Whether to make more money or sit at home.
Whether to follow your diet or binge on some chocolate.
Whether you embrace abundance or reject it.

If your subconscious mind disagrees with your conscious mind, you simply can’t override it with willpower.

Any real change in your life has to take place within your subconscious.

The 7-Second Rule: 
Proof that Your Subconscious is In Control.

Based on your brain activity, neurologists can predict what choices you’ll make.

Once we know what a particular decision looks like inside the brain, we can predict what decision someone will make.

Pretty simple, right?

Here’s the amazing part:

Research shows that our subconscious brains make decisions 7 seconds before our conscious brains are aware of it!
So, when you decide to quit your diet, give up on your dreams, or pass up on an amazing opportunity…

Your subconscious has already made the choice!

That’s why it’s so critical to make changes to our subconscious in order to create a life full of happiness and success: without the subconscious, you’re only using 5% of your brain’s capacity for change.

In the rest of this book, you’ll learn scientifically proven methods for tapping into your subconscious and changing your brain (and life) forever.

2: The Law of Quantum Vibration

Everything in the universe begins as a vibration.

The sun, moon, earth, stars, and even humans are all the results of quantum vibrations.

But the more scientists learn about these vibrations, the more they understand that things in the universe are not “set in stone.”

In fact, simply by observing quantum particles, we change their behavior!

At the most basic level, our universe has a flexible, flowing state of being, and that constant flux is important for people who want to experience a major change in their lives.

Vibration is the Most Powerful Tool for Change.

There are many kinds of vibrations in the Universe.

While some of those are quantum vibrations, others can take the form of sound.

In fact, energy makes up all the physical particles in the Universe: Einstein’s famous equation proves it: e = mc2 (energy is mass times the speed of light squared).

And that energy comes from… VIBRATION!

The next law, The Law of the Preservation of Energy, explains how we can use this knowledge to create a real change in ourselves and the world around us.

3: The Law of the Conservation of Energy

Energy can never be lost.

It can only be transferred.

When a cake falls to the ground, it doesn’t suddenly lose the energy of falling; that energy is transferred into the cake, and then the cake is crushed.

The same is true of all matter and energy in the Universe.

Sounds, movement, heat, and the electricity in your brain: all of it is conserved.

You Can Hear Sounds Because of the Conservation of Energy.

When a sound is made, vibrations are put into the air.

When you hear that sound, those vibrations don’t just disappear.

Instead, they penetrate your ears and ultimately change the frequency of your brain waves!

If that seems too incredible to be true, wait until we get to the 5th law.

For now, you simply have to know that energy is never lost, but it can only be transferred.

Everything in the Universe is Energy; Therefore, Nothing in the Universe Is Ever “Lost.”

Remember, all the matter in the universe is made up of energy.

And that energy can never be lost.

It continues forever, like one massive river, flowing in time.

For people who have had an afterlife experience, the feeling of infinite energy and constant existence is obvious.

I’m one of those people.

I’ve been declared clinically dead, but while the doctors thought there was nothing left, I experienced a feeling of harmony, peace, happiness, and belonging like nothing else.

And that continuation of energy is proven by physics.

4: The Law of Reciprocity

You now understand why energy cannot be lost.

But you may have heard another law of physics:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Put simply: no action can be wasted. Just like energy is conserved, every action causes the Universe to respond in kind.

And not only does this work at the physical level, but it can clearly improve your everyday life as well.

You Get What You Give

Nothing can be made out of thin air.

Energy, matter, and even positivity are conserved.

When you do something good, it echoes in the Universe.

You may not always be the one who receives that positivity; sometimes, a good action can echo and reverberate throughout the world, taking years before it returns to you.

But all actions are returned and balanced!

Next, we’ll look at the way our brains function, down to the neurons, and how you can use the laws of reciprocity and the conservation of energy to physically change your brain.

5: The Law of Brainwave Patterns

Your brain functions by creating pulses of electricity.

Because of that electricity, we can scan the human brain to see how it’s working, and in some cases, we can even see what someone might be thinking!

That’s because of the Law of Brainwave Patterns.

Brainwaves Have Predictable Patterns.

Brainwaves vibrate and different frequencies depending on the feelings and thoughts you have.

These frequencies will change for everything in your mind:

  • Stress.
  • Relaxation.
  • Success.
  • Positivity.
  • Fear.
  • Anxiety & Depression.
  • Self-Doubt.
  • Focus.
  • Creativity.
  • Visualization.
  • Happiness.

And so on.

Stimulated Frequencies Cause Changes in Thoughts and Emotions.

Not only do brains change their frequency when you have particular thoughts and emotions…

But stimulating those frequencies in the brain will trigger you to have those same thoughts and emotions!

Researchers have proven this by connecting people to electrical stimulation devices, in a process called Electrical Brain Stimulation (EBS).

By giving the brain electrical pulses at specific frequencies that mirror the brainwave frequency of positivity, creativity, and stress-reduction…
We can actually make people have more positive, creative, and stress-free thoughts!

Read more about the next law, The Law of Brainwave Response, to understand how this technique can help you change your life rapidly.

6: The Law of Frequency Response: Changing the Subconscious Brain.

Because of the Law of the Conservation of Energy, when a sound wave is played and enters your ears, that energy must go somewhere.

Rather than simply being lost or disappearing, those frequencies travel through your body and mind.

And research has shown that the brain actually imitates the frequencies it’s exposed to!

This is the Law of Frequency Response.

Triggering the Thoughts and Feelings You Want.

As we covered earlier, your brain waves have unique frequencies, depending on what you’re thinking or feeling.
But we can also stimulate those frequencies from outside the body, creating the change in our minds that we want to see.

Those frequencies can be triggered by both electricity and soundwaves.

Electricity & Sound Are Equally Effective Stimulators of Brainwave Activity.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have an electrical brain stimulation device at home to experience this miraculous phenomenon.

Research done by Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD., shows that hearing a sound at a particular frequency causes the brain to respond with the same frequency!

For example:

  • When the brain is focused and able to learn effectively, it pulses with electrical activity in the 4-7 Hz range (Theta waves).
  • When a sound is played at the 4-7 Hz range, the brain is automatically stimulated to respond with the same frequency!
  • As a result, hearing those sounds will make a person more focused and better able to learn complex topics, like new languages, difficult concepts, and new ideas.

Remember, your subconscious mind controls 95% of your thoughts and feelings.

And that’s exactly why this system is so powerful!

By stimulating frequencies throughout the entire brain, including the subconscious parts, we can create an immediate, long-lasting change in our thought patterns.

Next, we’ll look at a familiar law, The Law of Attraction, and see how it works with the other 11 laws.

7: The Law of Attraction.

While there are a ton of books and online courses dedicated to The Law of Attraction, it’s only one of the 12 laws that allow us to understand and change the Universe around us.

The Law of Attraction is powerful, but it has limitations.

We’ll get to that soon, but first, let’s review what The Law of Attraction is.

The Law of Attraction: 
Like Attracts Like.

Two similar things are attracted to each other.

That’s the basis of the Law of Attraction.

But if you’re familiar with magnets, you may think that opposites attract.

The reality is slightly more complicated, but it’s still pretty easy to understand, and you already know the basics:

Since energy is never lost, vibrations at one frequency will echo and reverberate throughout the universe.

A positive vibration will cause more positivity.

So in a sense, the “law of attraction” is actually the “law of creation”: exerting one frequency creates that same frequency in other beings, forms of energy, and matter.

And of course, in a very literal sense, the Law of Attraction works because we tend to reward positivity.

Someone who is generous will be more likely to receive gifts from others.
Someone who is confident is likely to be appreciated and admired.

This isn’t advanced quantum physics: it’s basic human nature!

The Limitations of the Law of Attraction:
No Single Law Overrides the Others.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t stop the Law of Subconscious Domination.

Nor does it change The Law of Brainwave Patterns.

So no matter how much you use a program based on the Law of Attraction, you’re only getting a small piece of the power and abundance that’s available to you.

It’s like the law of gravity and the theory of relativity: they never cancel each other out!

The Law of Attraction Can’t Override Your Subconscious Doubt.

95% of your brain activity is subconscious.

If you implement the Law of Attraction with your conscious mind, you’re still only using 5% of your brain’s total power.

And if that 95% of your brain is filled with self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and an attitude of scarcity… The Law of Attraction won’t work for you!

Luckily, there are ways to work with all 12 laws to create a meaningful, deep change in your mind and your life.

The first is through frequency stimulation with sound waves, as we covered earlier.

But visualization can be a powerful tool as well, and that brings us to the next Law.

8: The Law of Visualization.

Visualization, or imagining something in your mind, has the power to physically change our bodies and brains.

If that sounds like a stretch, look at the results of this study from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio:

  • Patients were put into two groups.
  • One group exercised physically
  • The other group only imagined exercising.

The group that only performed imaginary mental exercises made a 13.5% gain in strength!

The group which exercised physically gained about 30% strength, and doing both physical exercises and mental exercises yields the best possible results.

Visualization Improves Your Abilities, Strength, and Physical Body.

In another study, basketball players who imagined themselves making free throws made almost as much of an improvement as players who actually physically practiced.

The point, of course, isn’t that you shouldn’t exercise ever again…

But if you want to maximize your ability to improve in any area of life, you should implement both visualization and physical practice.
Visualization allows your brain to be rewired at the subconscious level. It doesn’t just increase your self-confidence: your brain actually learns new information from the visualization exercise.

Quick Tip: 
How to Use Visualization to Improve Your Skills, Career, and Life.

Visualization seems like a simple idea, and in its most basic form, it is simple.

But the strategy behind successful visualization involves more than picturing yourself making free throws or picking up weights.

Use these bullet points to get the greatest possible improvement from your visualization exercises:

  • Imagine the sounds, smells, and feelings involved, not just the visual image.
  • Build an elaborate picture in your mind: include the space, people, and items around you.
  • Reduce distractions: sounds and lights can make it harder to focus, and can interfere with your visualization.

By following these steps, you can turn visualization into a powerful tool for improving your body, mind, and your life.

9: The Law of Affirmation.

Affirmation is effectively the same as visualization, but rather than imagining a picture, we’re instilling phrases into our minds.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?
Or maybe you’ve replayed a conversation in your head a hundred times.

Our brains are wired to use language to remember things, solve problems, and deal with emotions.

For some people, affirmations can be powerful tools for change.

No Law Overrides the Others.

Although affirmation can be helpful for some, many people have tried it and failed.

The reason is simple: their conscious mind was repeating the phrase, but their subconscious mind (95% of the brain) was still focused on negativity!

You can repeat a phrase a thousand times, but if your subconscious brain doesn’t believe you deserve abundance, you cannot overcome it with affirmations.

Penetrate Your Subconscious Mind with Affirmations and Sound Frequency Stimulation.

The good news is that we can shift the brain from being closed-off and negative… to a state of openness and positivity.

The best way to do this is with sound frequency stimulation.

As we learned earlier, sound waves vibrating at specific frequencies will cause your brain to respond with the same frequency.

Theta waves, found in the hippocampus (the subconscious control center of the brain), can be stimulated with sounds using the identical frequency.

Since theta waves vibrate at 4-7 Hz, a sound wave vibrating at 4-7 Hz will cause your brain to shift into this subconscious state of openness, allowing affirmations and guided meditation sessions to penetrate the entire brain, not just the conscious part of your mind!

To put it simply:

Sound waves vibrating at the Theta frequency force your brain to be more open and receptive to affirmations and guided meditation.

But there’s still more to discover!

10: The Law of Narrow Consciousness.

The conscious mind is extremely limited in the amount of information it can handle.

Maybe you’ve seen those videos that ask you to count how many times the basketball gets passed around… only to find out a gorilla walked through the video without your noticing!

Or, more dangerously, you may have tried texting while driving, only to find that your brain wasn’t capable of doing multiple things at once, even if one of those things is extremely simple.

Multi-tasking is a proven way to ruin your productivity and damage your focus.

But the implications for your career, finances, and life are much more serious than simply missing out on gorillas in videos.

The Law of Narrow Consciousness: 
The Conscious Mind Can Only Achieve One Goal at a Time.

Even if several tasks are closely related, your conscious brain can only achieve one of them at a time.

For example, let’s look at three very similar tasks:

  • Resisting a piece of chocolate.
  • Choosing a healthy lunch.
  • Deciding to stick to a diet plan.

Even though each of these tasks are essentially designed to achieve the same goal, your conscious brain can’t handle all of them at once.

The effort required to resist chocolate uses up the entirety of your conscious focus.

This is why you may be able to turn down chocolate, but will have no interest in eating a healthy meal… even though you’re hungry.

These are separate tasks for your brain.

The Subconscious Brain Can Handle Many More Tasks at Once.

Your subconscious brain is designed to handle things on autopilot.
Because of that, it’s a better multi-tasker than your conscious brain.

And since your subconscious doesn’t require your constant attention, it allows things to happen automatically.

Consciously resisting chocolate is difficult, but if your subconscious is uninterested in chocolate, it requires no effort at all!

And of course, your subconscious can be reprogrammed in many different ways all at once, achieving a much bigger transformation in less time.

Thankfully, your brain is designed to change and grow.

11: The Law of Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity simply means “the brain’s ability to change.”

Not long ago, people believed that once you became an adult or reached a certain age, your brain could no longer change and improve.

We now know that that’s completely false.

Your Brain Changes All the Time, But You Aren’t In Control (Yet).

Your brain physically changes and grows every day.

The only problem is that you probably don’t choose how it changes.

Let’s say you’re a typical, over-worked American:

  • You drive to work during a commute that’s too long.
  • You have a job you don’t like or might even hate.
  • You come home to a house that’s too small.
  • By the end of the day, you’re exhausted, but there’s no time to make a change in your life, so you just keep repeating the same routine.

Your brain has learned a lot of information, but most of it isn’t good.

Your brain, especially the subconscious part, has accepted that exhaustion, disappointment, and failure are normal things.

By taking control of the information your brain is exposed to, you can shift this constant learning process from negative to positive.

12: The Law of Subconscious Reprogramming.

All the other laws are critical parts of the Law of Subconscious Reprogramming.

You already know that 95% of your brain is controlled by the subconscious.

And if we want to make a significant change in our lives, we have to focus on the subconscious level first.

The Law of Attraction, the Power of Affirmations, and Your Ability to Reach Your Full Potential are Dependent on the Law of Subconscious Reprogramming.

If you aren’t targeting your subconscious mind, you are missing out on the full power of most self-improvement strategies:

  • Affirmations.
  • Visualization.
  • The Law of Attraction.

Even simply learning a new subject is more difficult if you don’t employ the subconscious mind!

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind is Easy (Finally).

With the scientifically proven power of sound wave frequencies, we can stimulate the brain waves we want using a carefully calibrated sound.

After all, the brain responds to frequencies by imitating them.

We can trigger relaxation, learning, creative thinking, and advanced problem solving, all with sound waves.
As we learned from Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, sound waves calibrated to certain frequencies can speed up the learning process, unlock the subconscious, and reprogram our minds to embrace abundance.

Even feelings of happiness and self-confidence can be triggered with the right frequencies!

Watch the Free Video to See How All 12 Laws Can Work Together to Create the Life You Want Now:

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