Hello. My name is Paul Thomas. I’m a Master Yogi, Spiritual Life Coach, and a passionate believer in the power of the human mind.

Paul Thomas - Founder Of 10 Minute Awakening


11 years ago, I was declared clinically dead. But while the doctors thought there was nothing left of me, I was having the most beautiful and peaceful experience I could have imagined.

I felt a sense of belonging, happiness, and purpose.

The Universe had given me a place without stress, worry, or fear. It was the exact blissful afterlife you would wish for.

After I was shocked back to life by paramedics, I became obsessed with reconnecting with that spiritual moment and finding a sense of purpose again.

That brought me to the 10 Minute Awakening.

With years of research and the help of my friend and neuroscientist, Johnathan, I’ve discovered the scientific principles behind that feeling of purpose, belonging, and happiness.

Today, my goal is to share this feeling with as many people as I can.

Thank you for joining me.