My Horoscope Told Me to Give a Stranger a Gift…
When I was a young boy, my mother would read me my horoscope...

I was filled with excitement each week as I found out more and more about myself, my values and the kind of person I was to become...

Somewhere along the way that weekly ritual was lost in the chaos of my youth, and I stopped receiving those celestial touch points that were once so important to me.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this...

Well, a few days ago I read my horoscope for the first time in over 12 years and it told me something I think you’ll be interested in...

That a wandering soul would grace my presence and that I should consider helping them in any way that I can...

I believe that wandering soul is YOU…

So here’s what I’m going to do:

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Awakened Wealth uses the same subconscious stimulation, Vibrational Phenomenon, and guided meditation as 10 Minute Awakening.

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Here’s how this 3-week program transforms your financial future: 
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Week 1 - The Purifying Energy

Erase every single trace of doubt and self-sabotage that’s currently preventing you from accepting the massive amounts of wealth all around you.
An intense exploration of your most intimate thoughts - the beliefs and thoughts that design who you are, and then…
Give you the ability to take control of your finances in every possible way, from paying off bills to pouring endless amounts of money into your bank account.

Week 2 - Gratitude and Abundance

Embrace gratitude, being thankful for every example of abundance in your life, just like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.
Tap into the infinite source of energy you need to crush your financial goals fast.
Learn the magnetic money mindset - so you can freely spend money on the things you love without worrying about how much money you’ll have later.
Get simple instructions programmed directly into your subconscious to begin multiplying your financial gifts fast.

Week 3 - Multiply Your Money Fast

Multiply your prosperity mindset and master the art of Prosperity, just like Steve Jobs and other successful innovators.
Embrace the gifts of prosperity that allow you to become more creative, healthy, and loving, like Ellen DeGeneres.
This is where the multiplication of your magnetic money mindset comes in: with every gift you receive, you will increase your ability to manifest wealth.
Turn your most elaborate and difficult goals into simple, easily conquered steps on your path to infinite success.
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Bonus #1 Investment Secrets: Your Free Guide to Smarter, Easier Wealth Creation.

There are two ways to do everything in life…

The easy way, and the hard way!

Inside are advanced wealth strategies that Jonathan and I have personally used for many years to accumulate a fortune, get out of debt and have our bank accounts replenishing every single month, no matter how much we spend!

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Bonus #2 Powerful Affirmation Companion Audios for Your 3-Week Program.

Each week, you’ll also receive a bonus audio program filled with some of the most thoroughly tested and well loved affirmations for instilling a prosperous wealth mindset deep into your personality.

Language is a powerful force for rewiring your mental habits and thoughts.

With these affirmation audios, you will quickly and easily create a NEW mindset that naturally gravitates toward success and abundance… without having to do extra “homework”!

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Instead of simply learning new wealth-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and the transformation will be faster and easier than ever.

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These wealth and abundance tones are carefully calibrated musical frequencies that penetrate your subconscious and transform your mindset from scarcity to prosperity in just minutes.

You can use them at any time of day… or listen to them when you go to sleep for effortless transformations and 8 hours of extra wealth creation each night.

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