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I’m truly happy for you, and I know you’re going to love it.

With 10 Minute Awakening, you don’t need to read a bunch of difficult books, go through hard to understand training videos or jump through hoops and hurdles...

Instead, the subconscious stimulation system will automatically erase stress and self-doubt and help you replace those negative feelings with positivity… and the ability to manifest wealth.

Now, in just a few moments, I’m going to give you a special gift, as my way of saying “thank you” for joining me.

As you’ll soon learn, giving thanks is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you…

So here’s what i’m doing...

I’m giving you an exclusive invitation to access a super power, previously kept under lock and key and known only by the world's most extraordinary people.

People like Ellen DeGeneres, Adele, Tyra Banks, and Oprah Winfrey.

Stop for a minute and imagine...

Imagine what the day to day life looks like for any of those people…

Let’s say Adele for instance… picture this...

She wakes up, rolls out of bed and has the most gorgeous breakfast waiting for her just 20 feet away on her marble kitchen counter-top

Freshly prepared orange juice, squeezed that morning by the private chef Antonio…

He’s Italian, so at breakfast he teaches a few clever phrases and they laugh together as he tells stories about his childhood and recommends places to go this weekend in Europe…

Friday afternoon rolls around and she gets a call from the chauffeur out front…

He’s about to take her to the airport and already has her first class seat booked…

It’s a window seat.

She sips champagne as the wheels lift off the tarmac and glide into the night sky...

What is awaiting her in Venice? Who knows…

But she can’t wait to find out…

Now just pause for a moment and imagine what that would be like…

What would it feel like…? Smell like…? Taste like…?

Like sweet strawberries laced with sugar and cream…
Like a Margarita on a Carribean cruise...
Like a hot chocolate at a ski resort in Switzerland…

When you start thinking deeply about where your life could take you…

You begin to realise there are levels to even your dreams…

The $500 you wanted for a weekend getaway suddenly feels like pennies compared the lifestyles of some of the wealthiest few…

But what if that could be your lifestyle?

The Exciting Part Is You’ve Already Taken The First Step…

10 Minute Awakening was designed to take someone who knows absolutely nothing about the vibrational phenomenon…

...and in just 10 minutes a day completely wipe the slate clean of all negative thought patterns...

...and start to rewrite their subconscious with the ability to manifest their future.

But that’s just the beginning!

What you’re about to discover is that there are levels to everything…

Especially Wealth Manifestation…
Some people struggle to pay the bills...
Some people make just enough money to take a week off work every now and then...
And some people… very few people, in fact… have access to a truly unlimited river of wealth.
A river that overflows into every area of their life…

From their homes…

To their friendships...

To the shoes that they wear on their feet...

And In just a few moments, I’m going to give you the power to access that river of wealth…

So keep reading… A Chapter Awaits...

You see the truth is... Wealth is constantly flowing from one place to the next, like a river.

It flows from banks, car dealerships, houses, businesses, cruise ships, and boutique shops.

But right now… you only have access to a few drips and drops.

With the power to access Divine River Mindset, you will be able to shift the direction of this river and let the wealth pour directly into your own personal bank account.

And there is no denying that… almost everything in life is made of money.

Houses, vehicles, clothes, treats… the food you eat, the coffee you drink…

Created by a source of money flowing… from one place to another.

When you look around your home you can see, that money has flowed there…

From a bounty of different sources...

The value of things added up, coming to thousands of dollars.

Now, maybe you’ve tried to manifest before, and it hasn’t worked for you,

So let’s look at that word more closely.

When something manifests it… appears.

Are you trying to CREATE wealth…?

While the magic really happens when you learn to simply EMBRACE it.

This is the secret.

All you need to do is become a Divine River, aligning your mind, heart and soul, to naturally connect to the source,

Embracing it as part of you.

This personal and powerful transformation, can make life better for those around you too.

Your friends and family are depending on you, to create a life of security, of happiness and flow, and you have the power to transform their world, starting today.

Becoming Wealthy Is Child’s Play…
Becoming Wealthy Is a Breeze...
If You Know Where to Look!

Would you believe it’s actually surprisingly easy to become a millionaire?

I know it sounds incredible.

But I’ll prove it to you just now.

First, I want to ask… to see if you’re aware...

Of how many millionaires, presently live in this country?

What’s your best guess? 

A few hundred? A few thousand, or more?

The truth is... Right now...

More than 5% of Americans are millionaires…

That’s 16,000,000 people in THIS country alone who have over 1 million dollars.

Does that surprise you?

If you’ve been surrounded by scarcity your whole life, that statistic might be truly shocking.

But if you have an abundance mindset, driven by the prosperity and wealth you see all around you, then it makes perfect sense!

But There's One Big Problem...

When you've "wiped the slate clean" with 10 Minute Awakening...

Unless you know the right words, phrases and "self talk" required to reprogram your mind with abundance...  how could you ever get there?

That's why you need something even more powerful, and specifically designed to train your brain with a wealth mindset.  

Because THIS truly is the secret to wealthy people. 

Over the course of many years they have trained their brains to see and expect wealth.

Discover The "Real Secret" of the World's Wealthiest Superstars And How They Actually Got Rich...  

You’ll have the magical wealth generating abilities of incredible philanthropists like Oprah Winfrey.
You will understand how to truly take over an entire industry or CREATE a brand new product from scratch like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who literally transformed the world and redefined the future of this planet.
And creating wealth will be as easy and fun as it is for Sir Richard Branson, who builds airplanes, record companies, and even spaceships… all for fun… while generating massive amounts of success and money.
You see, these billionaires understand that creating wealth is not just about hard work…

It’s about gratitude, excitement, and fun… it's about PASSION! Manifesting their desires and changing the world simply by shifting the flow of the Divine River of Wealth.

Like them, you can access your infinite financial river…at will.

The Awakened Wealth Program is like your own personal genie granting you the exclusive access to your subconscious mind (the place dreams are made of when you rest every night!) using the same brain stimulating technology and guided meditation Jonathan and I spent years creating…

Here’s What’s Included in
Your Awakened Wealth Program

Awakened Wealth uses the same subconscious stimulation, Vibrational Phenomenon, and guided meditation as 10 Minute Awakening.

But instead of simply clearing away stress and erasing negative programming…

You will have unlimited access to the Divine River of Wealth, starting TODAY.

Now that you’ve taken the first step by balancing your energy and finding your TRUE center… you can use Awakened Wealth to give yourself the unique and powerful vibrations that magnetically pull your share of the River of Wealth into your bank account.

Here’s how this incredible 3-week program transforms your financial future and multiplies your magnetic money mindset fast:
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The Audio files are in MP3 format and can be played in our members area or downloaded

Week 1 - The Purifying Energy

Erase every single trace of doubt and self-sabotage that’s currently preventing you from accepting the massive amounts of wealth all around you.
An intense exploration of your most intimate thoughts - the beliefs and thoughts that design who you are, and then…
Give you the ability to take control of your finances in every possible way, from paying off bills to pouring endless amounts of money into your bank account.
This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will not need to wait for shipping!
After ordering your access will be given to you immediately.
The Audio files are in MP3 format and can be played in our members area or downloaded

Week 2 - Gratitude and Abundance

Embrace gratitude, being thankful for every example of abundance in your life, just like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.
Tap into the infinite source of energy you need to crush your financial goals fast.
Learn the magnetic money mindset - so you can freely spend money on the things you love without worrying about how much money you’ll have later.
Get simple instructions programmed directly into your subconscious to begin multiplying your financial gifts fast.
This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will not need to wait for shipping!
After ordering your access will be given to you immediately.
The Audio files are in MP3 format and can be played in our members area or downloaded

Week 3 - Multiply Your Money Fast

Multiply your prosperity mindset and master the art of Prosperity, just like Steve Jobs and other successful innovators.
Embrace the gifts of prosperity that allow you to become more creative, healthy, and loving, like Ellen DeGeneres.
This is where the multiplication of your magnetic money mindset comes in: with every gift you receive, you will increase your ability to manifest wealth.
Turn your most elaborate and difficult goals into simple, easily conquered steps on your path to infinite success.
Plus… you’ll also receive a free gift, my investment guidebook, when you join Awakened Wealth today.
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The ebook file is in PDF format and can be viewed in our members area or downloaded.

Bonus #1 Investment Secrets: Your Free Guide to Smarter, Easier Wealth Creation.

There are two ways to do everything in life…

The easy way, and the hard way!

Although it’s possible to become a millionaire or billionaire by working your fingers to the bone… there are easier, practically automatic ways to generate wealth fast.

The Investment Secrets guidebook will show you the smartest and easiest tricks for creating and sustaining your wealth.

And I’m giving it to you FREE as a bonus gift for joining the Awakened Wealth program today.

Oh, and I have a few more gifts for you:
This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will not need to wait for shipping!
After ordering your access will be given to you immediately.
The Audio files are in MP3 format and can be played in our members area or downloaded

Bonus #2 Powerful Affirmation Companion Audios for Your 3-Week Program.

Each week, you’ll also receive a bonus audio program filled with some of the most thoroughly tested and well loved affirmations for instilling a prosperous wealth mindset deep into your personality.

Language is a powerful force for rewiring your mental habits and thoughts.

With these affirmation audios, you will quickly and easily create a NEW mindset that naturally gravitates toward success and abundance… without having to do extra “homework”!

(I normally sell affirmation programs like this for anywhere between $49 and $100, but I’m giving it to you free if you accept your invitation to Awakened Wealth today.)

But you absolutely MUST accept this offer TODAY!

I Almost Didn’t Share This Program With You Today...

Now, to be honest, I didn’t make the Awakened Wealth program to sell it to people.

It’s not because I wanted to keep these secrets all to myself…

I just wanted to see if this system would really work, and maybe help me create more wealth in my own life.

I thought maybe I’d end up with an extra $500 or $1,000 in financial gifts from the Universe…

But instead, it gave me the power to manifest one magical gift after another.

First, as you know, I was able to sell my home for CASH, at my asking price, in the middle of the worst housing crisis in American history, and saved about $20,000 by doing it with a small sign in my lawn - instead of hiring a real estate agent.

Then, I received even more incredible gifts, like finding the perfect fixer-upper for my first rental property and making over $1,000 a month in PROFIT.

On top of that, I was able to get in on some massive stocks like Netflix back when it was about $5. Today, it’s worth $294… literally multiplying my money by 5,800%!

And that was just the beginning!

Any time I want more money to spend on something, like a nice dinner for my wife or a new renovation in our home, I simply use the Awakened Wealth system to create the financial gifts I need.

But I didn’t want to keep it all to myself, so I decided to share it with my closest friends.

I gave it to just 7 people who I thought might benefit from a little extra wealth in their lives.

The next day, I got a call from one of those seven friends.

He told me he had a massive breakthrough in his money mindset just minutes into the program…

And as a result, he discovered a “hidden source of money” that was right in his own home… and it allowed him to take his wife on a cruise to the Bahamas the very next day.

It was simply a matter of accessing the river of wealth that was right in front of him.

This Is a Limited-Time Offer Exclusively for 10 Minute Awakening Members Like You!

Now, obviously the Awakened Wealth program is worth a ton of money.

Once you begin attracting wealth and redirecting the Divine River into your bank account, you will be so thankful that you made the choice to sign up.

In fact, it’s probably worth over $1,000, considering the bounty of gifts my friends and I have manifested with it.
New home renovations (like $8,097 marble countertops)
Vacations to exotic islands, including a $2,194 luxury cruise.
Trips to the spa and massages costing anywhere from $200 to $800.
And even a personal chef ($200/hour)… these are just a few of the gifts we’ve received in the last few weeks alone!
But I also know you don’t have this power just yet…

So don’t worry, because I’m not going to charge you $1,000.

Once I release this program to the public, I plan to charge less than a quarter of that price, just $197… even though the value of this massive 21-day wealth-growing program is easily $997 or more.

But since you’re a member of my 10 Minute Awakening family, I want to give you an incredible deal.

I’m taking $160 off the price for outsiders and give you a members-only discount… but you MUST accept it now!

If you leave this page, this massive discount goes away forever.

When you grab the Awakened Wealth program right now, you’ll get the power to magnetically attract wealth into your life and MULTIPLY your financial gifts, including the inside secrets that have manifested me over $20,000 in a single weekend…

All for just $47!

And not only that, but I’m giving you a bonus gift on top of the Investment Secrets book worth about $40 on its own.
This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will not need to wait for shipping!
After ordering your access will be given to you immediately.
The Audio files are in MP3 format and can be played in our members area or downloaded

Bonus #3 - Available Today Only:
3 Subliminal Wealth Audios

Like I said, being generous is one of the best things you can do… and people like Oprah and Ellen prove it!

So I’m giving you one more bonus gift as part of your Awakened Wealth package when you get access to it today.

These 3 subliminal wealth audios are spread out during your 3-week Awakened Wealth program to maximize its effects.

Instead of simply learning new wealth-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and the transformation will be faster and easier than ever.

You won’t just tap into a new world of financial success…

You will walk into a vault of infinite wealth that’s built just for you - and waiting for you to open the door right now!

Again, this is just one of three bonus gifts you’ll receive when you sign up for Awakened Wealth today only.

These wealth and abundance tones are carefully calibrated musical frequencies that penetrate your subconscious and transform your mindset from scarcity to prosperity in just minutes.

You can use them at any time of day… or listen to them when you go to sleep for effortless transformations and 8 hours of extra wealth creation each night.

In fairness to everyone, I cannot give these bonus abundance tones away if you leave this page.

So if you want to use the magic of these naturally stimulating tones to trigger deep, long-lasting changes to your wealth mindset, you absolutely MUST sign up today!

Only the first 1,000 people who sign up will get access to this program so that I can get your valuable feedback on this program and share your success story with other people (only if you give me permission!).

Here’s Why People Love Wealth Awakening:

You Decide How Much This Program is Worth!

I can put a price tag on Awakened Wealth and say this investment in your future is just $47….

But only YOU can decide how much it’s truly worth!

Will you start a new business from home making $20,000 a month?

Will you create your own revolutionary product that goes for $1,000 a piece?

Will you become an artist and sell your paintings or sculptures for $10,000 each to lavish art galleries in New York City and Paris?

It’s up to you!

But one thing I know for certain is that this program is worth well over $1,000… and you’re getting it today, along with 2 bonus gifts, for just $47.

Remember, this is a special offer exclusively for 10 Minute Awakening members like you.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
Enjoy the River of Wealth… Or It’s Free!

I know you’re going to love your Awakened Wealth program.

And I don’t want ANYTHING to hold you back!

So I’m extending my 60-day money-back guarantee to include your Awakened Wealth purchase.

If you don’t love it for any reason at all, you get a full refund.

Even if you just don’t like all the attention and pampering you get in your new lifestyle, you can still get a refund, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

But trust me… once you get a taste of the good life, you will NEVER look back!

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Get Access to Unlimited Wealth Today.

Click the button below now to upgrade your order and get unlimited access to the Divine River of Wealth today!

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Your Life of Luxury Begins Today.

I know you’ve struggled in the past.

But that ends TODAY.

You’re about to embark on a journey into a magical world of luxury like never before.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of an exciting vacation… or simply the chance to get a relaxing massage.

Or, if you’re like my wife, then it’s probably time to get a new outfit to commemorate the beginning of your transformation.

This is your moment, and I can’t wait to see the gifts you choose to manifest.

Click the button below to join right now.
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After ordering your access will be given to you immediately.
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