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But first let me ask you something...

Have You Been Feeling Worried Or Afraid About The Coronavirus? 

My dear, if you've been following the news and media at all, you'd think we'd reached the end of days.

The Coronavirus has taken over headlines and swept the nation causing widespread panic and FEAR. Maybe you've been feeling some of this yourself? 

But what may surprise you is that when you feel the worry, anxiety and fear your central nervous system sends new signals throughout your body that you are in DANGER. And when this happens, you actually become more susceptible to something bad, because now your brain AND body are on guard looking for it to happen.

My name is Paul Thomas…

A decade ago I was lying on the side of a highway, pronounced clinically dead... when by nothing short of a miracle 10,000 volts of electricity shocked me back to life.

This experience changed me, forever. 

It's allowed me to live my life without the fear and worry and stress and anxiety I used to be consumed with. And it's allowed me to remain in PERFECT HEALTH all this time.

Don't get me wrong, the virus is certainly something we need to resolve, and quickly.

But you being fearful and afraid solves NOTHING. All it does is weaken your ability to SHINE and be a guiding light.

So do me a favor today, FOCUS your mind on that which you can control and nothing else. Empower yourself with positive thinking, and ACTION.

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