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But first let me ask you something...

Have You Ever Thought About Your Place In The Universe?

And what it truly means to live a life filled with deep meaning?

It’s an uncomfortable question for most

Many people never allow themselves to consider the thought that a divine plan has been put in place for them

And that everything we’ve ever wished for can be manifested into existence… if only we’d get out of our own way.

Deep loving relationships with our closest family and friends…

True Abundance and financial security…

And a strong connection with the true spirit of the Universe

The truth is most of us are so broken from our past experiences that…

… we’ve been trained to believe the fairy tale of our life that we’ve dreamt of since we were 6 years old, is all but lost

Well, I'm here to tell you that all is NOT lost my dear friend.

In fact everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting for you just ahead, if only you are open to letting it in…

My name is Paul Thomas

...and I created 12 Magical Laws Of The Universe for one reason.

To help connect other spiritual beings with their divine purpose.

You see… You and I meeting today is by no random chance.

For a long time I've been silently putting energy out into the universe in an attempt to connect with other wandering souls in search of their destiny.

And that’s how I found YOU! My Dear Friend

It started a number of years ago when I travelled deep into the Himalayan mountains to spend time with the monks that reside there.

I wanted to learn why meditating 16 hours a day seemed to unlock the brains ability to connect with the universe in a way that most people never get to experience

I heard stories about these monks having brains far more powerful than the average human…

..and that one of the reasons for that was that they could get their waking brain into a state that is supposed to be nearly impossible to get into whilst awake..

Something deep in my bones told me that it would change the direction of my life if I just once felt what they could feel

And I was right.

I got the answer I was looking for

… and most of all, I found out a shortcut that allows regular people just like you and me to get into the same “spiritual state” without meditating more than 10 minutes a day

I’ve been writing about my experience for years but recently I put together this article that explains it all