Yes, Your Horoscope Was Right! You’re About to Receive a True Financial Blessing...

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My fellow spiritual being…

I have a message to share with you.

From deep beyond the known universe, from the eternal source of truth…

A place you’ve known of all your life, and may have even connected with during rare moments of deep meditation and prayer…

You've heard the stories…

Where your spirit escapes your physical body and for that moment, that precious and cherished moment, you are "ONE"

But what if I told you there was not only a way to access that synchronised state at will... but begin using it to transform your financial future starting in the next 24 hours?  

You see dear, you were guided to this page by something far greater than yourself today…

A divine message that's been eagerly awaiting your arrival, so read carefully and don't miss this celestial gift that just landed like a butterfly in the palm of your hand...

Because Right Now Is Your Time…

Time to open the floodgates to a river of IMMEDIATE CASHFLOW and unlimited potential that has been stored away inside you

It is time to AWAKEN!

Awaken to your wildest dreams becoming every day reality...

Awaken to endless rivers of cash-flow making their way to your front door...

Awaken to the closest kept secret of the super-rich...  

Imagine the feeling of seeing everything you ever imagined come to fruition, as you reach complete harmony with all there ever was and all that there ever will be...

Imagine having the ability to reach this magical place anytime you wish... 

Imagine welcoming $100's of new dollars into your life daily as you begin... release the stresses and burdens of your daily life!

The hailstorm of to-do’s, your job, your bills, your family, your errands…

You desperately need a place to escape, to recharge, to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit… to fill up your cup with new hope, to not only replenish yourself but also your closest loved ones...

Because without that place, you will be unable to life your life to the fullest, and experience the divine destiny you were called to live out!

What is this divine message you may wonder?

A message so special and transformative it has the potential to change your life within minutes of harnessing it.. and change everything you THINK you know about the universe almost overnight?

A message that can unshackle you from the money struggles, the unfulfilling relationships, the low self confidence, the deep rooted hurt... and replace it with abundance, affluence and new wealth.

The message is simple, and one you may already know deep within.

And the message is this


Your world, your experiences, your thoughts and emotions… everything you know is in fact all just a dream.

And if this has shocked you to hear… ask yourself this:

Do you dream at night?

Indulge me for a moment, because this is very important.

The truth is, you dream almost every single night as you fall asleep (whether you can remember these dreams or not)...

But how exactly is it possible that you rarely even notice?

Have you ever experienced a dream that feels so real, so detailed, so authentic that you had to “wake up” to realize it was actually "just a dream…"

Then you KNOW the power of this magical place, only found in peaceful slumber.

In your dreams, you are building entire worlds like an architect designing the Empire State Building… only in this dream state, there are no RULES. The laws that govern us on this earth simply don’t apply...

You are able to move around the world you design at will, shapeshifting. You are able to experience the world in 3rd person, like a character in a video game.

You are able to do and be things you only imagined of in your conscious reality.

Because in your dreams, 
you truly are LIMITLESS...

And in the next 10 minutes, I’ll show you how you can access the very same power of your limitless dream state, while being fully awake and present in your every day reality!

A secret so powerful, used by the worlds most powerful billionaires and enlightened beings alike… 

A secret that allows you to give perfect instructions to the universe for how much of your limitless fortune you wish to tap into - and it delivers! 

I had to survive a freak accident to discover this myself.

But you my dear... you won't have none of that.

You get to skip ahead to the banquet of celestial treats that are just around the corner:

A healthy and radiant body you are proud to show off in even the most crowded of rooms...

That ability to call to light the perfect relationship, where both people feel heard and loved…

Enough money not to ever feel the stress of making a living or paying your bills ever again…

I'm talking REAL money... 

CASH that you can withdraw from an ATM, that ONLY came into being because you wished for it to be so...

Like wishing on a shooting star, except these shooting stars don't just pass once in a blue moon.. they fly by EVERY NIGHT.

How much will you wish for tonight?

$100... to get your hair done?

$500... to whisk you and your partner away to a lovers retreat?

$1,000... $5,000 or more... To finally take that all inclusive Hawaii vacation you've been dreaming of for years...

I’ll explain exactly how this secret works in the next few minutes, so please my fellow spiritual one, continue to read. You are destined to receive this message. This calling.

I don’t know how long this page will be online, so if you leave and come back don’t be too surprised if it’s gone. Today is your day to hear this.

Are you ready?

It’s finally time for you to discover...
“The Vibrational Phenomenon.”

but first... let me introduce myself...

I’m Paul Thomas, a professional life coach, yoga practitioner, and a deep believer in destiny.

More importantly, I’m about to take you by the hand on a magical journey to awaken your true potential for unlimited abundance in just 10 Minutes A Day...

I stumbled upon this beautiful secret many years ago... after a series of unfortunate events had me draw a line in the sand and start to re-write the story of my life...

Almost my entire adult life up until this point I struggled to make ends meet

It was often so bad that I would actively avoid looking at my bank balance in an attempt to trick myself into thinking that it wasn't a problem...

Because if I didn't see it, it wasn't there... right?

I came to realise that everything I believed about money had been programmed into me since I was 6 years old...

Let me take you back to my childhood...

...I always dreamed of going to Disneyland as a child. I would beg my parents every year for the chance to go just ONE time, but we never had the money. 

I would imagine myself standing there, talking to my favorite characters and just for a brief moment being able to escape the sadness of my day to day life.

We were incredibly broke

in fact, I still remember the embarrassment of going to school with the same pair of holey trainers for an entire year.

It made me feel like an outsider..

I would see the other kids wearing new clothes, riding bicycles and going on summer vacations... whilst I would look on and wish that I could be more like them

As I grew up my parents would tell me that "those other parents had been dealt a lucky hand in life."

That they worked just as hard but were never given a fair chance.

My dad would complain about getting passed up for promotion every year, and my mom had been stuck working in the same cleaning job for 8 years without a pay rise.

It didn't fill me with much hope...

I remember one time asking my dad why he couldn't just go and make more money... he replied:

"This is just the way it is, son... some people have a lot, some people don't"

I carried the weight of his words with me everywhere I went...

Years later I found myself falling into the same cycle as my parents...

I had somehow ended up in corporate america,  working 45 hours a week doing compliance for an insurance company.

Every day I would drag myself into work, sit with a stack of papers and a ball point pen, and have to check every single sentence for mistakes...

My only salvation? The 6 minutes I would get in the morning to drink a coffee before becoming a robot for the rest of the day. 

I hated it. The environment was negative, the conversations were shallow and every day I would wake up knowing that...

...this huge part of my life that 
was draining my energy...

...was barely keeping the lights on.

I had a stack of papers sitting on my living room coffee table about as tall as the stack in work, and it would weigh in the back of my mind - haunting me as I went about my day...

Bills... late payments... unfiled taxes... 

I knew that if I didn't figure things out soon, my life was going to get real bad, real quick...

and that's exactly what happened...

in one foul swoop... it all came crashing down!

Our entire department was being let go!

They were replacing us with an overseas company and we had 2 weeks before every person in the office had to find a new job...

A wave of terror washed over me as reality started to sink in

The mountain of bills at home that was at the back of my mind was now front and center, and I was starting to panic!

I remember thinking this is the worst day of my life!

But when I arrived home my problems escalated... 

I was greeted by an eviction notice 
pinned to my front door...

Amongst the pile of unpaid bills in my living room were a number of letters warning me that another missed payment was grounds for immediate eviction... and I missed the payment!

The elephant in the room that I had been ignoring for months had finally grown up, and was now destroying my life...

I fell on the couch and stared at the floor as the weight of the situation became too much for me to bare...

I had nobody to call... I didn't even have anyone to talk to...

The pressure was so heavy that I was on the verge of giving up.

little did I know this was the universe preparing me for what was about to come...

Something that literally killed me, 
leaving me clinically dead for almost 10 minutes...

At this point, my life was a wreck.

I had just spent the last money I had on a winter jacket that would prepare me for the cold nights on the street...

When I got a call from my cousin…

He had inherited a small chain of motels a few years back and was in town celebrating the opening of his new motel just off the highway from where I lived.

After telling him about what had happened to me, he offered to let me stay in a room that hadn't yet been furnished at the motel until things started picking up... 

I looked at the digital clock on the bedside cabinet...

the time read 11:11

That night, FATE “took the wheel.”

I was feeling terrible, 

My cousin did his best to cheer me up, but I couldn't take my mind off how my life was panning out...

Somehow I ended up at rock bottom, with no idea of how I would turn things around.

The night dragged on... and by 2.45am we decided it was time to depart

My cousin called a friend to drive us home, we got in and starting making our way back to the motel...

I rolled down the window, closed my eyes, and for a moment, I actually felt good.

I had totally forgotten that my life was falling apart… 

for a split-second it was like every worrying thought that was going through my mind went silent...

and in that very moment... we crashed! 

I was thrown through the windshield at 75 miles per hour, hit the floor and for a brief period of time I was no longer alive...

What happened next makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end...

During that time, I was having an out-of-body experience.

I was seeing what I can only imagine to be... The Afterlife.

And it was the most beautiful, peaceful, loving place you can imagine.

All of my problems were gone.

My stress about money...

My feelings of self-hatred and self-doubt…

My longing for meaning in this life...

It all vanished, and I was surrounded by an infinite bounty of love.

I remember feeling the boundaries of my existence evaporate as I welcomed in an ocean of possibility and promise...

What was the universe about to tell me?

I felt the pressure build as the voice of god was about to grace my ears 

When in an instant… it was gone.

The paramedics shocked me back to life, and I was back in my body.

When I recovered and returned to the wreckage of my life a few months later… 

I became obsessed with understanding what happened to me.

I thought surely there's someone on this planet that could help me recreate that feeling, so that I could regain access to the message I was moments from receiving... 

I started seeing signs shortly after. Incredibly clear signs that told me that if I just kept searching  I would find the answers I was was looking for.

That was when the next chapter of my life presented itself to me...

Let me share with you the man who truly awakened me to this divine secret...

Jonathan is a neuroscientist who surprisingly, focuses much of his time studying spirituality.

We met at a conference on "How The Brain Works" that was being hosted in the city center a few weeks after my recovery...

I had heard that there have been massive breakthroughs over the last few years on understanding altered states of consciousness and near death experiences. 

The man speaking when I walked into the crowd-packed room was Jonathan. 

I remember it vividly almost like it was yesterday. He was talking about the subconscious mind and how it’s the secret sabotager of our goals and dreams.

Then he went on to a fascinating topic about brainwaves, known as "neural rhythms" that are constantly flowing through our minds...

And how these same brainwaves were proving to be more powerful than we ever realized. 

The part that caught my attention the most was when he started talking about how the brainwaves of someone going through a near death experience are extremely similar to those of life-long monks that claim to have "reached enlightenment"

I decided to go up and talk with Jonathan at the end of his presentation… we hit it off, and decided to grab dinner that night.

After telling him about my personal 
experience we instantly had a connection.

In fact, it didn't take long before Johnathan invited me to his lab...

and even gave me a job helping him take notes on his research...

Life started to become beautiful for me from that moment...

...I went on to discover one of Johnathan's most profound revelations…

During Near Death Experiences we reach a state of “hyper-consciousness.”

...almost identical to the state that life-long monks know as "enlightenment"

Johnathan had been working for years trying to unlock the brainwave patterns of this "altered state" and was on the verge of a BIG breakthrough that he wanted me to be a part of. 

A breakthrough that would take me across the other side of the world... Deep into the Himalayan mountains and throw us into a new life filled with overwhelming financial success.

I spent time mastering guided meditation techniques alongside spiritual leaders and seasoned monks...

and I learned to meditate like a true spiritual master with people who have been doing it their entire lives!

I attribute everything good that's happened in my life since, to this very trip.

Some of my wildest dreams became reality due to the insights I gained in the Himalayas!

but before I get into exactly what happened...

First, do me a favor.

Take a look at your hands.

Seriously, hold your hand in front of you, and look at it.

I’ll share with you a mind-blowing idea Johnathan taught me.

The secret of the 
“Vibrational Phenomenon.”

When you’re looking at your hand, what do you notice?

You can’t see through it.

It looks and feels solid doesn’t it?

It definitely doesn’t seem empty. 

But that’s where your brain is deceiving you.

Everything in the universe, all the matter in the world, including you and your body, is mostly empty space!

About 99% empty space, according to physicists.

In reality, your hand (and everything else you can see or touch) is mostly empty.

There’s no such thing as a “solid object.”

Instead, everything is made up of energy.

This “Vibrational Phenomenon” connects everything in the Universe: The Stars, the Moon, and You Are All Made of Vibrations.

The world-renowned physicist Michio Kaku describes the universe as 
a symphony of vibrating strings.
This Vibrational Phenomenon is what many are claiming to be…

“The Mind of God.”

And your mind is able to work together with those vibrations.

I'm sure you've heard of the idea of "raising your vibration"? 

Well that's because those that have learned to harness this magical force are actually living their lives on a completely different "wavelength" - a higher vibration.

They only have to think that they're going to make $1,000 the next day and it happens...

They only have to imagine their home selling for above asking price and it happens...

They only have to wish for their business to blossom and it happens...

and the beautiful part is EVERYONE has the potential to access this higher state of being

The only problem is… you’re being sabotaged.

You see... your brain has 2 key parts.

1: The conscious mind: The voice inside your head.

The conscious mind is what makes you who you are.

This is the part of you that struggles to pay the bills or get that perfect body.

The person inside who never gets the respect and gratitude you deserve…

A person who’s living with stress, anxiety, and depression…

The daydreamer who’s wishing and waiting for the rewarding life full of abundance and freedom you want!

Your conscious mind would LOVE to have more money, more loving relationships, and a healthy, radiant body.

And deep down, you know exactly how to achieve all of those things!

But you’re being sabotaged by the other part of your mind…

The part that takes up 95% of your brain!

2: The Subconscious Brain (Your source of sabotage).

The “little voice inside your head” is LITERALLY little.

It takes up just 5% of your brain.

Meanwhile, your subconscious mind is taking up 95% of your brain and sabotaging you…

When you decide to make more money, your subconscious brain gets in the way and says “there’s no WAY you can do that” or “do you really think you deserve to be rich?”

When you try to improve your body, your subconscious says “trust me, you don’t want to be healthy… you just want some sugar.”

And when you do your best to manifest your dreams into reality, your subconscious is busy thinking about all the stress, trauma, pain, and fear from your past.

It all happens underneath the surface, and can only be accessed in VERY SPECIFIC CONDITIONS…

One of those conditions up until not long ago was that you had to have years of experience meditating, to get your mind into a state known as "Theta"

When your mind is in this "heightened state" your subconscious mind is wide open.

A spiritual healer can then guide you through ERASING negative thought patterns and flood your mind with an ocean of positivity and build new patterns that serve you rather than destroy you.

That's exactly what John sent me to the Himalayas to do - cleanse my mind of the negative thought patterns I had stored away...

You see...

Your MIND and all the matter in the universe is made up
of Vibrations that are trying to synchronise

Positive energy is trying to synchronise with positive energy...

and negative energy is trying to synchronise with negative energy...

So when you finally tap into the subconscious mind and ERASE the negative thought patterns, you stop synchronising with all of the negative events in your life..

and start synchronising with POSITIVE events instead!

...and that's exactly what happened when we started harnessing the power of the  Vibrational Phenomenon

Johnathan was paying me well throughout all of this, and I hadn't spent a penny! 

So the first thing we did when I got back was start putting my new "positively charged mind" to the test. 

I had always wanted to get into real estate so what better way to put my new found spiritual powers to the test than one of the smartest investments in history...

Except we were in the middle of the 2009 housing market collapse and NOBODY was buying homes...

That didn't stop us though! We had the power of the universe spurring us forward. 

We attended every auction we could find for the perfect house... until we finally found one! A foreclosure that was a cool $200,000 below what we felt that it was worth.

We quickly snapped it up and got to renovating...

It didn't take us long before 
the house was ready to sell on

Except the market was still down... 

In fact many real estate agents would tell us: "nobody is buying right now" and that we shouldn't expect to sell for up to year.

I still remember sitting down to meditate that night and setting the intention out to the universe to find a buyer WITHOUT a real estate agency... an impossible task for a first time seller even without the bad market.

I put a sign in the garden and grinned as I knew I was about to save $20,000 in agency commissions when my meditative manifestation came to fruition. 

and what happened that very weekend?

A couple from out of town stopped by the house... and after no more than 15 minutes looking around...

They Bought It!

and this wasn't the last of it either...

Month after month Johnathan and I would continue to find homes and end up selling them by ourselves, using nothing more than the pure intention that we would send out to the universe through meditation...

$20,000 turned to $50,000...

$50,000 to $100,000...

and before I knew it I was making life changing money!

My entire world soon transformed!

I moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment into a beautiful 4 bedroom town house (bought at auction of course)...

I no longer had to worry about my 20 year old ford pinto breaking down on me, because I had just paid top dollar for a top of the range European import with all the bells and whistles...

Blessing after blessing came my way as I continued to learn everything there was to know about the vibrational phenomenon.

Meanwhile Johnathan had been working on a sound-wave technology that could completely REPLACE the hours of meditation it takes to get into theta!

He discovered that it was possible to trigger the Theta state… using sound waves, carefully calibrated to the exact frequency of the subconscious mind.

It was incredible!

He took me to his lab, and I saw it with my own eyes…

When people heard these unique soundwaves, their subconscious brains opened up…

and that’s when we had a stroke of genius...

I wanted to see what would happen if we combined Johnathan’s subconscious-activating soundwaves…

With the guided meditation techniques that have been used for hundreds of years...

And the results were unbelievably amazing.

It took me months to convince Johnathan that this was ready to be seen by the public and now it is finally here!

It was incredible to see it in action.

and when we interviewed those same people days later... 

...they told us their lives were changing almost INSTANTLY!

A real estate agent who hadn't made a sale in over 3 months sold the most expensive house her company had listed!

A 47 year old school teacher was offered a $15,000 pay rise after getting rejected for the same promotion that week!

A mother of 2 working a second job as a waitress was given an $842 tip the very same day as her session!

Today, I’m sharing this unique combination of subconscious sound waves and guided meditation to access abundance, discover your purpose, and embrace your true destiny...

And the truly amazing part?

You can do it right at home, and it takes just 10 minutes a day...

You will see the path in front of you and begin rewriting your destiny starting TONIGHT.

And you don’t have to do any hard work or difficult meditation.

Simply open the program, hit play, and begin the magical transformation you’ve been dreaming of… 

And it’s all possible inside one simple to use system...

10 Minute Awakening is a 3-Week Program created by me and Johnathan, combining the soundwaves that stimulate your subconscious… and age old guided meditation techniques that monks teach in the Himalayas.

The only difference is… you DON’T have to become a master yogi or have a near-death experience to feel a powerful connection to the universe!

In just 10 minutes a day, you will unlock your full potential, tap into the power of your subconscious, and rewrite your mental programming to give you the life you want.

Just a few years ago, I had lost everything: my job, my home and almost my entire life...


10 Minute Awakening is the First System In the World to Combine this Enlightenment Inducing Soundwave Technology with Guided Meditation to Expand Your Reality, Create The Life You Want, and Magnetically Attract New Wealth... Just 10 Minutes A Day!

10 Minute Awakening is a 3-Week Program created by me and Johnathan, combining the soundwaves that stimulate your subconscious… and age old guided meditation techniques that monks teach in the Himalayas.

The only difference is… you DON’T have to become a master yogi or have a near-death experience to feel a powerful connection to the universe!

In just 10 minutes a day, you will unlock your full potential, tap into the power of your subconscious, and rewrite your mental programming to give you the life you want.

Just a few years ago, I had lost everything: my job, my home, and almost my life...

...and most important of all for me - whilst on a yoga retreat I found my soulmate who's actually more obsessed with spirituality than even me!

10 Minute Awakening is the First System In the World to Combine this Enlightenment Inducing Soundwave Technology with Guided Meditation to Expand Your Reality, Discover Your Purpose, and Create the Life You Want Just 10 Minutes A Day!

In just minutes, people with absolutely ZERO EXPERIENCE experience have brain scans identical to life-long monks.

Now... My Life Is Totally Different!

I became known as a young real estate mogul after making over $3 million dollars in just my first few years - I even found my way onto a speakers circuit for some time teaching what I look for...

I then took to the skies and travelled all over South East Asia - Soaking up the vibe as I learned all that I could about the history of ancient meditation...

...and most important of all - Whilst away at a yoga retreat... I found my true soulmate who's more obsessed with spirituality than even I am!

You can have all of that, too, and so much more: anything you choose to manifest in your life can be yours, now that you have the power to tap into the Vibrational Phenomenon.

Here's How The Program Works:


You start by reaching into your subconscious mind, using both the Vibrational Phenomenon and guided meditation together.

We’ll go deep into your subconscious using Alpha and Theta wave stimulation right from Johnathan’s proven research.

You’ll also begin mastering the art of visualization, giving your mind the power to truly SEE the universe and the life you want.

And there is NO waiting period: you get results on the very first day!

The Alpha and Theta waves stimulated in your brain will induce increased learning, focus, calmness, and rapid changes deep in your brain.


Next, in Week 2, it’s time re-discover yourself.

Your life has been a challenge, and we’re going to fix that.

We’ll dive deep into your past memories and subconscious belief systems, uncovering the pain and stress you’ve been carrying with you…

So that we can finally erase that pain and give you a brand new life!

Your relief is already on the way… 


Finally, in Week 3, your permanent and magical transformation begins.

You build your dream life in vivid detail, creating a life story that connects you with your True Destiny so you can walk your unique path to success and happiness.

And all of it happens in just 10 minutes a day, using the Vibrational Phenomenon that connects us directly to the Mind of God!
A lot can happen in 1 year!

You can erase old trauma, delete negative thoughts from your mind, and rewire your mental programming… 

Start your new business, meet your soulmate, or buy your dream home.

It will be easier than anything you’ve tried before.

The brainwave stimulation technology will
instantly tap into your subconscious mind…

While an expert hypnotist performs the guided meditation techniques I mastered over the course of almost 10 years, deep in the Himalayas.

And even though this powerful program will drastically change your life over the course of 3 weeks…

Your results will begin to manifest IMMEDIATELY.

You don’t have to wait!

Starting from the very first session, you will begin to feel the shift in your life… as you watch stress slowly melt away, and the future looking brighter than ever with your audios transforming you, day by day, the more you listen. 

Here’s what Veronica had to say about her transformation:

“I was honestly skeptical, but it took less than 2 minutes before I started feeling more calm and relaxed. A few days later, I was a totally different woman. I’m in control, just like you said. And Today, one year later I’m finally going to buy my dream home!”

And she’s not the only one… 

10 Minute Awakening has helped thousands of people reach their full potential, and as I’ve seen for myself… it can work for ANYONE.

I know this magical transformation will happen for you because of 2 important reasons:

I have over 7 years of research and testing, healing people all over the world.
I experienced the very same transformation myself… although it was much more difficult and painful for me than it will be for you.
That’s because I’m going to give you the ultimate shortcut to happiness and abundance… a secret that I only discovered after literally dying.

Now, if you’re ready to get started and begin changing your life right now, go ahead and click that button below.

It allows you to save 88% on the normal cost of this incredible life changing system today only!

But if you want to learn more about how this program physically changes and grows your brain, keep reading…

Because it’s about to get really mind-blowing.

Now, let’s go back to those Theta waves… the secret to erasing negativity in your mind (even if you’ve been struggling with self-doubt all your life)...

Theta Waves are the Brain’s Natural Subconscious “Language”...

And they’re also the manifestation “roadblock” that’s been holding you back!

Theta waves are used by the brain during deep sleep.

But that’s not all.

Theta waves are essentially the “memory language” of your brain, and they can:
Create and store new memories (like the traumatic events that have left you scarred).
Trigger changes in your subconscious to expand your potential.
Most importantly… allow your brain to grow, change, and be rewired (through “neuroplasticity”).
You see, some brains are stuck.

They repeat the same thoughts over and over again.

Thoughts like:
I’m not good enough to get the promotion I want.
I will NEVER be able to lose weight, no matter how hard I try.
I don’t deserve to become a rich and successful person.
Does this ever happen to you?

If so, you are certainly not alone in this daily battle… but it doesn’t have to hold you back anymore!

Theta waves actually open the subconscious mind and allow you to physically CHANGE your brain.

That’s exactly what “neuroplasticity” is: the ability to change your brain’s chemical and physical structure.

You see, we’re not just clearing away stress and reducing anxiety…
See, the subconscious-stimulation you’re about to experience will put your entire brain to work for you… not just the 5% of your brain that makes up your conscious mind.

Your conscious AND subconscious mind will work together to create the life you want.

This is why 10 Minute Awakening is the only proven way to get the full benefit of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

By using your entire mind to bring abundance into your life, you can finally experience the joy, happiness, and love you want.

It sounds incredible, but it’s actually VERY SIMPLE:

You will physically ERASE and CHANGE your subconscious memories, becoming a brand new person at the physical and neurological level!

When we trigger Theta waves with soundwave stimulation technology, based on the Vibrational Phenomenon, the subconscious mind becomes activated and “opens up.”

That gives us the perfect opportunity to rewire negative thoughts and painful memories through guided meditation.

But we don’t stop there… 

There’s one critical step you need to take after opening your subconscious… 

Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind with Alpha Waves.

Psychologists have studied Alpha waves for their ability to calm the mind, reduce stress, improve symptoms of depression, and increase your inner creative genius.

But there’s so much more they can do!

After the Theta waves clear out negativity and open your subconscious… 

Alpha waves allow us to REPROGRAM your subconscious, forcing the guided meditation sessions deep into your mind.

You can think of Theta waves as the Eraser… and Alpha waves as the Pencil.

You need BOTH to erase negativity and rewrite the mental programming that’s holding you back from accomplishing your wildest dreams.

Think about that…

How would you feel in 21 days, when you’ve finally erased negativity and replaced it with a higher state of consciousness, focus, creativity, and happiness?

It’s 100% possible, because the soundwave stimulation technology Johnathan discovered has allowed us to trigger both Theta and Alpha waves together

Everything You Want Already Exists… You Just Have to Bring It Into Your Life!

Think about your dream home.

The dream car

The close, loving relationship you want.

...and an abundance of financial security and freedom!

Here’s the secret to obtaining them: All of these things already exist!

You just have to bring them into your own life.

After all, what’s the real difference between a millionaire and a homeless man?

I’ve been both, and I can tell you that it’s not something different about your DNA or your childhood… 

It’s simply a matter of the mind… and its ability to attract wealth!

And it’s not just true for money.

Whether you want to discover your purpose in life, experience closer, more meaningful relationships, or simply enjoy more happiness and love…

ALL of it is waiting for you, and you finally have the key to achieving your dream life, thanks to 10 Minute Awakening.

We Developed This Program To Be 10X More Effective than Soundwaves Alone, Using The Age-Old Power Of Guided Meditation...

We built our program to not only include soundwaves, but also with the voice-over of a spiritual healer, to help guide you through your transformation.

Guided meditation is a powerful technique.

It’s been used since ancient times to create a sense of calmness and happiness, release stress, and help improve the mind.

But we’ve taken it one step further:

We’ve combined guided meditation with the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

By Using Scientifically Tested Combinations of Words and Phases, We Can Trigger a Powerful Change that Penetrates Deep Into the Subconscious!

It truly combines ancient, holistic meditation with modern neuroscience.

In fact, this technique alone will help you erase old programming and achieve a higher state of consciousness… 

But when we add the Vibrational Phenomenon, that power MULTIPLIES, forcing the guided meditation deep into your subconscious.

10 Minute Awakening is Literally the ONLY Program in the World that Combines the Power of
Guided Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Brainwave Stimulation Technology to Trigger the Most Effective Transformation in Your Mind!

And even though it cost me over $300,000 to create this program…

I’m practically giving it away, right here on this website. 

That’s because I’m absolutely obsessed with helping people like you and me unlock their full potential fast.

My dream is to help 1 million people change their lives with the 10 Minute Awakening system, and I want you to be next!

But first, let me ask you…

If this program truly delivered on it’s promise what would it be worth to you?

What would you pay to have absolute control over your life and your destiny?

What would you be willing to spend on the ability to manifest your dreams, all with the power of your subconscious mind?

What if you could erase stress, discover your purpose, and experience happiness and excitement every day?

What if you could feel your deep,
permanent connection to a higher power?

Imagine actually breaking free from every obstacle that holds you back from achieving your dreams…

What would what be worth to you?


Getting expert coaching for a year with the legend Anthony Robbins will cost you ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and the world’s elites gladly pay this premium because of the RESULTS he delivers

Well-respected “gurus” of personal development regularly sell their courses and programs for $2,000... and it’s not designed with any of this advanced technology you’ll receive inside 10 Minute Awakening.

Or what about seminars… these too can cost thousands of dollars for a weekend experience, that may pump you up in the moment but fade away as you find yourself back in normal life.

That’s why 10 Minute Awakening is truly special and one-of-a-kind

You can simply push a button and receive the overwhelming benefits of this program anytime you want, anywhere you want, and listen as much as you want...

And the best part is, it will cost you practically nothing at all today…

But that’s not all... 

Because as a special thank you for reading this entire presentation right now, I’m also going to include some incredible bonus programs to turbocharge your manifestation powers…

When you try 10 Minute Awakening today, you’ll also get over $297 in free gifts!

Bonus #1: Melt Away Stress

Bonus #1 is a powerful Theta Wave program that uses these miraculous vibrations to induce an instant calming effect that gets deeper and more relaxing over time.

It’s called Melt Away Stress, and for many people, it’s worth well over $49… especially if your life is stressful and busy! 

Negativity simply melts away as these soundwaves wash over your mind.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to relieve stress and relax… and compared to a $200 massage, the value is incredible!

Bonus #2: The Flow State

Now, the next step in your transformation is Bonus #2: The Flow State.

Remember those alpha waves that generate more creativity, focus, and overall power in your brain?

This bonus program rapidly triggers your brain’s alpha waves to give you a huge boost in focus and mental clarity.

If you’re trying to build a new business at home, score a big promotion, or simply tap into your full potential for creativity and focus, this program is an absolute necessity for you!

I personally use The Flow State every day before work… because without it, I’m only working at about 30% of my full potential.

Bonus #3: Purify and Cleanse

Up next is Purify and Cleanse. It uses gamma wave technology to spark a DEEP change and true purification in your body, down to the cellular level.

The power of this frequency simply cannot be overstated. I’ve seen it cleanse those in pain and rejuvenate the most exhausted, overworked people around.

Bonus #4: Creative Sleep

Bonus #4 is going to really blow your mind.

Creative Sleep is designed to turn your nightly slumber into a powerful moment of creativity and innovation.

Artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and mathematical geniuses have long praised the power of SLEEP to bring them incredible new ideas.

The only problem is… they couldn’t actually CONTROL those dreams. Instead, they had to just cross their fingers and pray for a spark of genius.

But now, it’s possible to take control and use sleep to your advantage every single night!

Did you know…?

Thomas Edison built a “sleep hypnosis” chair.

When he was tired and groggy, he used this chair to stimulate his brain’s natural Theta waves!

He said this chair was the KEY to so many of his greatest ideas and inventions… 

It was like using sleep as a treasure chest with infinite gold and diamonds… just waiting to be opened up and explored!

But Creative Sleep allows you to unlock your natural dream state automatically, without engineering a “sleep chair” and let the creativity flow, every single night.

This bonus program normally sells for $49 - $99 on its own… but it’s just another free gift that I’m giving away to anyone who tries 10 Minute Awakening today.

Bonus #5: The 10 Minute Awakening Quickstart Guide: Get Rapid Results from Day 1.

Now, it may not look like much, but this quick little book will help you get the most out of your transformation from Day 1.

You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how this massive course works. You’ll hit the ground running and get real results FAST, starting in the first few minutes after you get access to the course!
And your transformation could be even better!

In fact, I insist that once you experience your transformation and embrace your true destiny, you send me a quick email to tell me your story.

You don’t have to write a novel… I just want to read a few sentences about your new life and the gifts you receive.

I truly love nothing more than to hear from the people I’ve helped, and I really hope you’ll reach out to me to tell me about your new life full of happiness and a sense of purpose.

The rest of the team loves to read them too...

Thanks to our incredible team of scientists, hypnotists, and meditation experts, our research institute has finally made this incredible manifestation power available to the public!

We kept this program private for a long time.

Not because we’re greedy for the power and transformation that’s possible…

But because we wanted it to be 100% PERFECT!

Now, after a ton of testing and analysis, we’re finally ready to share it with the world… and you can be one of the first humans to reach your full potential through this combination of NLP, guided meditation, and the Vibrational Phenomenon!

It cost us over $300,000 to develop 10 Minute Awakening, but we’re giving it away for less than $100 today!

Combining the latest subconscious soundwave stimulation with ancient guided meditation techniques was NOT easy.

but it will probably save you at least 10 years of meditation practice!

It took me almost a decade to reach the deep meditative trance that 10 Minute Awakening triggers within the very first day.

10 Minute Awakening is by far the most powerful system we’ve ever created, and I’m giving it to you for less than HALF the normal price today.

PLUS… all the bonus gifts I mentioned earlier, including Melt Away Stress and The Flow State worth over $297.

You will experience a magical transformation, deep in your subconscious, starting from the very first session…

You will completely eliminate stress and uncertainty… 

Experience a higher state of consciousness… 

And discover your purpose in this Beautiful Universe, rewrite negative mental programming, and embrace your true destiny.

I’m giving you 10 Minute Awakening plus your free bonus gifts worth $297

For just $67.
BUT… you have to take this limited-time deal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I’m practically giving away the subconscious reprogramming system you need for just $67, along with all the bonus gifts, when you place your order today, but you have to understand something… 

I do NOT work alone!

Our research institute has a team of scientists and experts in neurology, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, and more.

We cut the price down as low as possible to make it available to everyone… but our expenses are quickly adding up.

Our mission is to make the world better for everyone.

That’s why we’re giving away $300,000 in research and human potential for just $67!

But we can’t keep bleeding money forever!

So please, do not miss your chance… because the price WILL go up!

And once you see the effects of this program, you won’t BELIEVE how much your life changes and improves.

Imagine wiping the slate clean and clearing away negativity forever.

Imagine gaining the power to visualize a new future… 

Rewire your subconscious programming… 

And begin manifesting the life you really deserve.

That’s EXACTLY what will happen when you try 10 Minute Awakening today!


Now, I know for a FACT that your life is about to change forever, and I want YOU to have the same certainty.

That’s why I’m putting my money where my mouth is and giving you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Even though you’ll begin to experience an incredible transformation from the very first session, maybe even in the first few minutes...

If you don’t don't believe it was worth every penny and more - I’ll refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.
My goal is to help as many people as possible… in fact, it’s my MISSION in life.

THIS is my Divine Purpose.

And I want to help you Discover YOURS today.
So please, simply give 10 Minute Awakening a try.

If you don’t love the whole new world of happiness and joy you experience, simply request your refund. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

I’m willing to put everything on the line here, because I KNOW you will never want to go back to your boring, unfulfilling life once you get the power to change your life and embrace your destiny.

Your new life begins NOW.

Click that button below to get started.

You deserve it.

Try 10 Minute Awakening today.

Click that orange button, and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this.

All together, you’re getting…
Melt Away Stress to instantly give yourself the relief you need…
The Flow State to tap into your potential for deep, innovative thoughts…
Purify and Heal, which uses your brain’s natural ability to heal your body through the scientifically proven Brain-Body Connection…
The Creative Sleep bonus that unlocks your subconscious potential for creative genius...
The Quickstart Guide to help you get results from Day 1…
This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will not need to wait for shipping!

These 5 bonus gifts are sold separately for $297.

But I’m giving you complete access to all of them today, absolutely free, when you get the 10 Minute Awakening program right now.

Here’s What People Are Saying about 
Their Own 10 Minute Awakening

Then, simply fill out the form and begin your transformation. Your privacy is guaranteed, and your purchase is secure.

10 Minute Awakening is sold on the popular marketplace ClickBank, which is very similar to Amazon and has done BILLIONS of dollars in digital product sales. 

They safe-guard all your data and payment information, and your security is 100% guaranteed. There’s an extra layer of protection for YOU because Clickbank will guarantee your purchase no matter what!

It’s why we chose this platform.

All you have to do now is click the button below to get started now.

I can’t wait to see your transformation!

When you complete your order you will be taken to a registration page like this

Here you will create your account to login to the members area. You'll choose a Username to login with, as well as a password to keep your account secure. It's important that you write your details down somewhere safe so you can always access the program.

From there you'll be taken to a "Welcome" page that has the access links to everything you need to get started

Right now, you only have 2 choices.

#1, you can take a small leap of faith, risk free with my 60-day money-back guarantee and try 10 Minute Awakening for yourself. 

So what if i'm wrong? What do you really have to lose? A few minutes out of your day at most...

On the flipside, if i'm right (which countless members before you have found to be true) you'll finally unlock the ability to manifest your wildest dreams.

The Universe will serve you and your family will THANK you for everything you are able to provide them.

You'll feel aligned with your destiny, and watch as your guardian angels dance with joy that you were finally able to get on the right path
Or you can take option #2, leave this page and continue living your life exactly the same way.

The same house, the same relationships, the same stressful challenges, all of it.

And the worst part, if you ask me, is having to wonder if you made the right choice.

Because if you take option 1 and take up me on my 60-day money-back guarantee, you really don’t risk anything.

Either your life will completely change for the better, with more happiness, passion, and excitement than ever before…

Or you get a full refund.
This isn’t a hard choice!
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Still thinking about your decision to get your 10 Minute Awakening program?

Let me make this decision even easier:

I have one more bonus I want to give you, and this is absolutely critical if your life is stressful.

If you often find yourself frustrated, tired, or just plain overloaded, this is for you.
I’m giving you 2 Bonus Binaural Tracks.

Bonus #6: 2 Bonus Binaural Tracks to Trigger Calming Relaxation and Brain-Boosting Powerin Just Minutes…

This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. 
You will not need to wait for shipping!
These carefully calibrated frequencies will instantly induce a calming effect.

You can listen to these at any time during the day to quickly recharge, re-energize, and reinvigorate yourself.

You can use these frequencies to put yourself in the right mental state for just about anything.

Anytime you need to get in the zone, clear your mind, or simply give yourself an extra boost to tackle a big challenge… 

Simply put in your earbuds and turn on one of your bonus Binaural tracks!
The Alpha track gives you access to your brain’s natural creativity, and it can also be used to calm your mind and reduce stress.

The Theta track induces rapid improvements to your mind.

In fact, you should only use this track if you’re ready to see a MASSIVE change in your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

It’s also perfect for those high-performance moments where you need to be at the top of your game.

Simply click that button below to get these free gifts, plus the 5 other bonuses, as well as your 10 Minute Awakening program.

This is the magical transformation you deserve!

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Let me address a few questions I get, just in case you’re still wondering if the 10 Minute Awakening and the life-changing bonuses are really right for you.

“How long until I see results?”

When we tested this technology in the lab, many students had a calm, relaxed feeling and a deep meditative state within two or three minutes.

In less than one week, you should experience a significant improvement in your stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.

And by the end of the 3-week program, you will have a COMPLETELY NEW LIFE, guaranteed!

“Is your story real?”

Yes, 100%. I know it’s hard to believe, but I really have transformed my life since discovering the 10 Minute Awakening.

I moved across the country to my dream home in San Diego, sold my old home for above asking price, built a million-dollar agency, and met my perfect match and began an incredible romantic relationship.

I’m happy to share all the details with you, so just send me an email if you want to know more!

“I’m extremely busy. Can I still do this?”


There are no books to read, no complicated exercises, and no extra work for you.

Simply allow 10 Minute Awakening to trigger subconscious changes in your mind. It LITERALLY takes 10 minutes, and anyone can do it, no matter how busy they are.

I wanted to create a program that gave people the kind of deep meditation and lifelong transformation that usually takes YEARS to unlock… and I’m so happy to say that we did it!

“Do I need a special computer or smartphone?”

No! Any device will let you listen to these binaural beats and guided meditation tracks. iPhones, Android Phones, Mac, Windows… any device will work.

“The Secret didn’t work for me. Will the 10 Minute Awakening work?”

Great question!

These other programs often fail because they focus on your CONSCIOUS brain - the 5% of your mind, the “little voice inside your head.”

But 10 Minute Awakening unlocks the full power of 100% of your brain by triggering real changes in your SUBCONSCIOUS.

You don’t have to stand in the mirror and repeat mantras all day long. Simply let the subconscious transformation bring you the Universal gifts you want.

“How does the 60-day money-back guarantee work?”

It’s very simple:

If you don’t LOVE your magical transformation for ANY reason, I will give you a full refund.

Seriously, I won’t even ask you “why” you want your money back.

I want to do everything I can to help you reach your transformation… so I’m taking 100% of the risk here.

I’m extending my hand to you.

All you have to do is say “YES!”

Click the button below to try 10 Minute Awakening and experience your transformation starting TODAY.

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